Plates with an UV sensitive layer for relief and intaglio print and embossing. Exposure to UV or sun, brushing with water to create the profile. Handmade transparents, computer printouts etc., or direct work on plates.
Traditional intaglio techniques (etching, aquatinta, soft ground etc.) on metal plates, but with acrylic etching grounds and using Edinburgh or Bordeaux etch, combined also with photopolymer films, as p.e. Photec.
Traditional lithographic techniques on stone and aluminium (crayon litho, washes, transfers etc.), special processes such as negative techniques. Photographic transfers with waterless offset plates.
Multi-layered monotypes on synthetics, metal, wood, lino etc., in relief print techniques (colour roll-out and stencilling) and in painting and drawing techniques with oil- or waterbased paints, crayons, pencils, china ink etc.
Self made printing plates built up in an additive process for relief and intaglio print and embossing techniques. Creation of the printing profile with acrylic medias and a wide range of material for texture as p.e. sand.